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Natural unrefined cold pressed linseed oil


Siberian linseed oil is obtained by cold pressing from the seeds of oilseed flax grown in the harsh Siberian climate. It has no equal in Omega 3 content (up to 55.8%). After all, the greater the temperature difference winter / summer, the higher the Omega 3 content in flax seeds.


Linseed oil is a traditional food product with great healing power. With daily use, it prevents cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, allergies, constipation, etc.


Do not use oil for frying and stewing.


Features of linseed oil

an environmentally friendly product;

the content of Omega 3 is 55.8%;

improves the nutritional value of everyday food.

Brief description of Siberian oil

Siberian linseed oil is obtained from selected flax seeds maturing on different, but ecological soils of Altai, Central Russia. The proposed linseed oil has the highest content in itself (compared to other types of vegetable oils) necessary polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acid, which is not processed by the body. It is this acid that gets inside the body that is the best means of preventing and correcting such common human diseases as pathology of the heart and blood vessels, pancreas, liver and gallbladder, genitourinary system, digestive disorders, various skin diseases. Edible linseed oil serves as the basis of many natural products produced by the company “Compass of Health”, therefore, special attention is paid to its quality.



Scope of application: It is recommended as a biologically active food supplement – an additional source of PUFA omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid), linoleic acid containing vitamin E.

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