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Metabiotic is an innovative capsule for normalization of intestinal microflora, increasing immunity and protection against viruses.


Metabiotic capsules are designed to restore disturbed microflora both during and after taking antibiotics, as well as after poisoning, taking medications and prolonged medical fasting.


Active metabolites of probiotic bacteria have a high immunomodulatory effect, which allows:


activate the immune response,

increase the body’s resistance to infections and viruses,

to help the body recover from severe diseases.

In addition, the metabiotic has a number of positive effects:








regulation of intestinal function;

antidepressant effect;

restoring and maintaining your “native” gut microbiota;

prevention of oncological diseases;


The metabolites were obtained using lactose-free technology for growing bacteria, therefore they are not living organisms and do not conflict with the human microflora, do not die when entering the intestine, do not cause allergies.

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