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Hemp seeds, purified, do not have a hard shell. They do not need soaking and grinding, they are completely ready for use. They have a soft nutty-creamy taste and a pleasant aroma, which makes them very popular with children.<br>
Hemp seeds are used as a vitamin and mineral supplement. They are used in ready-made dishes: cream soups, porridges, salads, smoothies, bruschetta-type sandwiches, sauces. Try to cook a variation of the famous Pesto sauce with hemp seeds and hemp oil, it’s delicious!<br>
In addition, purified hemp seeds are perfectly combined with pastries, culinary products, dried fruits and chocolate.<br>
Hemp seeds contain healthy Omega fatty acids-3-6-9 , which are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. As well as easily digestible vegetable proteins and all 20 amino acids, of which 8 are irreplaceable. This is extremely important for a growing child’s body, the elderly and people with weakened immunity. Since the seeds are saturated with vitamins: A, E, group B and trace elements: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, they are a valuable food and are used as an enrichment of the diet.<br>
Cannabis seeds have analgesic, sedative, hypnotic, wound healing, choleretic, expectorant effect. They help alleviate the symptoms of many diseases, strengthen the immune system, and promote weight loss.<br>

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