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Vegetable capsules with St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort is rich in hyperforin and hypericin, which have a mild antidepressant, sedative effect. Hypericin provides antiviral and antibacterial properties. St. John’s wort helps to improve memory, thanks to quercetin. St. John’s wort tones, stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and blood circulation, helps in normalizing sleep, fights insomnia, reduces stress levels. It has a general toning effect, eliminates muscle spasms due to tension. It helps to normalize metabolic processes, has antimicrobial activity, inhibits the growth of pathogenic intestinal flora and parasites.


Results from the admission course:


choleretic effect;

fights bacteria;

calms the nerves;

a mild laxative;

anti – sclerotic;

mild sleeping pills;

perfectly cleanses the blood;

lowers fever;

perfectly regenerates tissue cells;

it has a diaphoretic effect.

Each capsule contains herbal medicinal components, which together with the vegetable shell form the nanocapsules of Vegan Intellectual Caps. Each such capsule delivers biologically active substances of plants to the cells of the body as efficiently and purposefully as possible, providing daily micro-nutrition necessary to maintain the health of all vital organs and systems.


Why capsules, not tablets?


Capsules contain pure extracts without impurities. In the production of tablets, a free formulation is allowed, which is used by manufacturers and binders of chemical origin are added, or chalk is used as a filler.


Capsules have a more effective effect on the body. Each nanocapsule has a better degree of assimilation due to the fact that it is absorbed in the stomach, and not dissolved in the esophagus. From the moment the tablet enters the mouth and moves through the esophagus, it is affected by a number of destructive factors, which is why some of the nutrients may not reach the stomach.


Capsules are convenient to take. Many tablets are difficult to swallow in size and taste, whereas capsules have a neutral taste and smell, an optimal shape.


Each plant component carefully activates the natural processes of the body, helping to form the right habits.

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